Hi, I'm Wisty💜!

I am here on this Earth to have fun and spread love.

I am eager to grow and learn.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you <3

WISTY💜is a happy hapa light alien being who currently lives in Boston, MA. This (t)wisty of all trades started music when she was 4, dance when she was 7, and has dipped her (tiny) toes in almost all art forms, including acro, stilting, reiki master level healing, tarot reading, writing, life modeling, and teaching. This alien loves collaborating & performing with all sorts of creatures on this Earth including  Of The Sun (an Earth Metal band), Kar'Nam (a solo project with psychedelic bass & vocal loops), Mike Sim (a multi-media performing artist), Lorraine Chapman The Company (a contemporary dance theater company), and many other fun humans (and non-humans) of this Universe. She is currently a mentor instructor at 305 Fitness and holds her own movement and meditation workshops blending music with various movement methods into a unique experience that refreshes the soul and body. 





Reiki is an energy work practice that promotes healing by activating the natural healing processes for the body and restores physical and emotional well-being. It balances your chakras, helps induce deep relaxation, and has you feeling💯👌!! 

I offer 30 minute REFRESH sessions and 1 hour DEEP CLEANSE sessions to cater to your needs and desires💜

Today's #dailyselflovenotes is a little

Tarot Reading

Wait, is this fortune telling? Nah, it's more like an intuitive vibration translation session, that will help you gain clarity and guidance on your own soul journey. The Tarot deck has 78 cards, each with its own energy, images, and lessons. These cards can reflect to us where we are on our unique soul journey and allow the answers within you to rise to the surface. Try a tarot reading session today to ask the questions in your heart and connect you to your higher self!💗



This 30-60 minute personalized guided meditation session is the perfect break from your day to help you feel relaxed and refreshed. Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down as you tune into your body and your heart. I'll guide you through a breathing experience that will relieve your stress, enhance your self-awareness, and set intentions that bring you closer to full well-being.

👆Enjoy a FREE 4 minute meditation💗

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​© 2020 by Wisty Andres. Photo credits: Steph Larsen, Mickey West Photography

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