My Mission🌏

I am here on this Earth to help humans remember the abundant love and power that is within them.💗

I am eager for you to KNOW how powerful you are, as you remember that you are a Divine Be-ing! I hope my work can guide and inspire you to your own healing and expansion while you are here on this Earth in this lifetime🙏I'm a human of many passions & offerings, and they are all an authentic expression of my ♡. I am adaptable and happy to personalize my offerings for your needs, so let me know your true heart's desires so we can make it happen together!💞

My Specialities

Reiki Energy Healing

I have been a Reiki Master Practitioner for 8+ years! This gentle energy healing modality will help balance your chakras, relieve your stress and leave you feeling 💯! Learn more here.

Sound Healing

Sound healing aka vibrational medicine or sound therapy is an energy healing practice that uses the vibration of sounds to invite and activate the healing processes of the physical and energetic body.

Learn more here.

Divine Support Life Coaching

Need some 1:1 guidance and support on your healing journey or spiritual awakening? I'm here to love you, support you and shine light on your divine path!💫Learn more here.

Tarot Reading

Wait, is this fortune telling? Nah, it's more like an intuitive vibration translation session, that will help you gain clarity and guidance on your own soul journey. Learn more here.

Power Shake Parties

Can't sit still? Try a full-body experience of bio-energy meditation and authentic movement flow - aka shaking out your sh*t!

Learn more here.

Guided Meditation

Have a hard time "clearing your mind"?? Let me guide you through a relaxing and restorative experience because meditation doesn't have to be difficult! Learn more here.

Join My Community Safe Space

In my life experience, I have learned that one of the most valuable things I can have as a human is a sacred safe space where I can be seen and supported as my authentic self. So I am here to hold sacred safe space for you and shower you with unconditional love💞

You are welcome in my body-positive, gender inclusive, LGBTQIA+ friendly community🤗

Support My Work

If you resonate with my mission of spreading love and healing to the world, please consider making a donation. Your contribution to the sacred energy exchange helps me continue to create free offerings on my social media platforms🤳


May every dollar you contribute come back to you tenfold💞

Your love and support is greatly appreciated! 🙏