Ready to transform your life?

I'm here to help you let go of any energies that are no longer serving you and help you tune to the healing frequencies so you can embody your Higher Self and truly live your BEST life!

💞Selection of Healing Sessions💞

Reiki Energy Healing

Distance Healing + Meditation via Zoom

Reiki is an energy work modality that helps relieve stress and activates the self-healing processes in the body. Reiki can also help recalibrate the chakra centers and promotes mental clarity & spiritual connection. I'll be guiding you through this relaxing 60-minute experience, allowing you to receive and energetically soak in healing energy.🙏💞

Sound Healing

Vibrational therapy via Zoom or mp3 Recording

Aka Sound Baths, this experience allows healing frequencies to tune your personal energy field for relief, love, and well-being. This magical session is a unique blend of distance Reiki energy healing, sound therapy, light language channeling, and meditation. Sound healing (aka vibrational medicine or sound therapy) is an energy healing practice that uses the vibration of sounds to invite and activate the healing processes of the physical and energetic body. It can amplify the vibration of your intentions during meditation and activate deeper brainwaves states (from Beta > Alpha > Theta > Delta)! 🤯

Divine Support Life Coaching

2 hour 1:1 Zoom coaching sessions

Here's your chance to receive 1:1 guidance, love, and empowerment from yours truly💁🏻‍♀️ No matter where you are on your life journey, I'm here to help you find clarity and cheer you on as you take the next steps to transform your life and create the magical reality you dream of! (We will be working together for a minimum of 5 sessions/weeks.)

Tarot Reading

1:1 tarot reading via Zoom or Video Recording

Have a burning question?🔥Ask away and I'll help connect you to your Higher Self & Spirit Guides!💗The Tarot deck has 78 cards, each with its own energy, images, and lessons. These cards can reflect where you are on your unique soul journey, allowing the clarity within to rise to the surface.
These readings can be a general reading of insights that would best serve you at this time, or can have a focus on any topic or question, including love life, career, home life, health*, etc.

Power Shake Parties

Bio-energy Meditation + Guided Authentic Movement Flow via Zoom

Are you someone who "doesn't meditate" or "can't sit still" but you are craving some grounding and ease in your life? You can try this "bio-energy meditation" aka shake out allllll your sh*t with me in a  power shaking party!🎉 Shaking your sh*t out helps with activating the parasympathetic nervous system (telling your brain to calm tf down and let it all go!) and also activates the lymphatic system of our body, which helps the body get rid of the toxins. (If you've ever seen a dog or another animal shake, this is what they are doing!)

Each party features a curated playlist and includes a cool down stretch after the movement meditation.

Guided Meditation

Channeled via Zoom or Audio/Video Recording

Meditation doesn't have to be difficult, and I can help make it easy for your brain to relax and re-wire new thought patterns with my personalized guided meditations.🧘🏻‍♀️Whether you need assistance with releasing tension or affirming empowering "I AM" statements, my Higher Self and Spirit Guides are here for ya! Please include your desired topic and meditation length (# of minutes) in your booking request🙏